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The Flowermaker

Birth occurs at the conjunction of pleasure and torment. So the first Forbidden Acts of the Forge birthed sparks of delight which took root in the Glory or in Nowhere: who can say? So the seeds of the Flowermaker were planted, though for long years he was nothing but an unfulfilled ache.
~ The Dark Gentleman, A Catalogue of Uncharted Pleasures

The Flowermaker, also called The Lilyking, is one of the Hours, associated with hour XIX, or 7:00pm. His Aspects are Grail and Lantern. He is an offspring of The Forge of Days. The Flowermaker's sphere is intense, self-destructive pleasure. It is said that The Flowermaker was created when The Forge of Days committed her "first Forbidden Acts". What these Forbidden Acts were is not mentioned, but it could possibly refer to when The Forge of Days eclipsed and shattered The Flint. An alternative hypothesis is that it refers to the Intercalate, when the Forge of Days divided the Sun-in-Splendour; the sparks produced as she worked ascended into The Glory and were transformed.