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For Lore mechanics in the Exile legacy, see Lore (Exile).
Knowledge of the invisible arts. I can use it to attract followers, to perform rites, to open the way to the Mansus, to seek my ascension...
~ In-game text

Lore is an aspect attributed to Lore Fragments.

Lore Fragments[]

Lore Fragments are a resource that can primarily be obtained from studying books, but can also be obtained from various interactions.

The type of Lore is indicated by its color. There is one lore fragment type for each principle, including Lantern, Forge, Edge, Winter, Heart, Grail, Moth, Knock, and Secret Histories.

The magnitude (level) is shown by the angle of the grey arc. If it is closer to a full circle it is a higher Principle.

Lore fragments can be also be upgraded, downgraded, and subverted by using the study verb, as referenced below.

Upgrading Lore Fragments[]

Any two lore fragments of the same principle and level can be combined by using the study verb. The result will be the next level up from the table below. This is two levels higher than the source lore fragments.

A new mechanic added to the research system is challenges. Each piece of lore will have a few challenge aspects on them that allow you to figure you what you will need to upgrade or subvert the lore in question. The aspects are Requires Knowledge.png knowledge, Challenge.intuition.png intuition, Challenge.grim.png grim, Challenge.obsessive.png obsessive, Challenge.paradox.png paradox, Challenge.illumination.png illumination, and Challenge.practical.png practical. During the process of studying, the verb requires various cards to overcome the challenges. The challenges are specific to each fragment, with higher level lore having more and more difficult challenges. Reason and Passion used will either be exhausted or destroyed, glimmering or erudition will be consumed, and all others will simply be returned. If those cards are not available during the course of the studying, the action trying to be performed fails and the cards are returned to the board. If one or more challenges were overcome, but the upgrade was still failed than if the same two lore cards are used the challenges that were previously completed don't need to be repeated.

Example: Study Forge x4 lore fragment + Forge x4 lore fragment will result in a Forge x6 lore fragment if the challenges are completed successfully.

Downgrading Lore Fragments[]

Studying a lore fragment of level 4 or higher with reason will result in two of the next lower level lore fragments upon success.

Example: Study Grail x8 lore fragment + reason will result in two Grail x 6 lore fragments upon success.

Subverting Lore Fragments[]

Subverting lore fragments works the same as upgrading except the fragments belong to a different lore. On success, you will receive the next level up of the lore type you subverted to. Here are the rules for it:

  • The fragments must have the same level
  • Knock and Secret Histories fragments can not be subverted.
  • Any lore fragment except Secret Histories can be subverted to Knock.
  • The challenges from both fragments must be completed.
  • All other lore fragments can be subverted into one other lore using the following circular progression:
Lantern -> Forge -> Edge -> Winter -> Heart -> Grail -> Moth -> (restart with Lantern)
Lore 1 Lore 2 Result
Moth Lantern Lantern
Lantern Forge Forge
Forge Edge Edge
Edge Winter Winter
Winter Heart Heart
Heart Grail Grail
Grail Moth Moth
Any Knock Knock

Example: Study Lantern x4 lore fragment + Forge x4 lore fragment will result into Forge x6 upon success.

Lore Fragment Levels & Names[]

The following is a table of the names for each magnitude of each principle lore fragment:

Magnitude/Principle Lantern Forge Edge Winter Heart Grail Moth Knock Secret Histories
2 A Watchman's Secret A Smith's Secret A Knife's Secret A Sexton's Secret A Thunderous Secret A Red Secret A Barber's Warning A Locksmith's Secret An Occult Scrap
4 A Mansus-Glimpse An Ardent Orison Chiliarch's Lesson A White Ceremony Words that Walk A Megalesian Incantation A Wood-Whisper An Iguvine Rite A Furtive Truth
6 An Unmerciful Mantra A Shaping Chant An Operation of the Labhite An Operation of the Declining Sun A Waking Chant A Delightful Sacrament An Ecdysiast's Parable A Consent of Wounds A Forgotten Chronicle
8 Phanaen Invocation Callidate Invocation The Colonel's Names Invocation of the Ivory Dove Geminate Invocation Thiatic Invocation Moldywarp Admonitions Meniscate Invocation Forbidden Epic
10 Formulae Concursate Formula Fissive The Lionsmith's Names Recitation of Lost Hours Formulae Vigilant Formulae Voluptuous Centipede Testament Formulae Ophidian Unresolved Ambiguity
12 Mantra of Ascent Furnace Paean The Alignments of Murder The Division of the Names Velvet Charm Anthic Elaboration Thigh-born Thorax-Sweet Liminal Evocation Vagabond's Map
14 Illuminate Mysteries Mysteries of Making The Mysteries of Force Wolf-Word Unceasing Mysteries Devouring Mysteries Mare-in-the-Yew Mysteries of Opening Port Noon Anecdote