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The Sun-in-Rags, an Hour

The seasons of famine and plenty, the turn of the Earth, the transformation of the furnace - all of these are only the results of the enactments of the lesser passions of the Hours.
~ Damaon Azenaten, The Dream of the Conspiracy of the Lower Skies

The Hours are the otherworldly god-like entities who dwell in the Mansus, and each governs a single hour of the day. However, while there are 24 hours in a day, there are 30 extant Hours. The Hours each have their own drives and spheres of interest, and often oppose each other where their machinations conflict. The Hours are served by their Names, who seek to become Hours themselves.


Hours are the incarnate principles of the world. There may only ever be 30 Hours. Some began as humans; some came from very different places.
~ Weather Factory on Twitter

The Hours came into being through various means. Their origins inform their dominant Aspects and motivations. Some Hours began from one origin, but were later transformed through another.

  • Gods-from-Stone: The six Hours who came into being in the time before humanity, five of whom are now dead.
  • Gods-from-Light: The emanations of The Glory, and the offspring of the divided former Hour called The Sun-in-Splendour.
  • Gods-from-Blood: The manifestations of sacrifices made by mortals.
  • Gods-from-Flesh: Mortals who penetrated the Mansus and eventually ascended to become Hours.
  • Gods-from-Nowhere: "Lesser Hours" apparently spawned from Nowhere. Other Hours are forbidden from fraternizing with them.

List of Hours[]

'Six were lost, thirty remain.' The canvas is not white. Look closely, and see the hinted shapes of the Hours long lost, walking the winding path to the door into Nowhere. Look too closely, and find yourself lost to weeping.
~ The Palest Painting

There are a total of 36 Hours who have existed throughout the histories. Thus far, 30 Hours have been identified, and of these 24 are extant and 6 are dead, leaving 6 more extant Hours yet to be identified. Below are listed all known Hours by the hour of the day they are associated with, represented by a Roman numeral. For example, Hour 0 is 12:00 midnight, XII is 12:00 noon, and XX is 8:00 pm. The six dead Hours (⁂) do not have numbers. Three additional entities (‡) are possibly extant Hours, but information about them is so thin that their status cannot be determined with certainty.

Hour Origin Aspects
0 The Moth Blood Moth
I The Door in the Eye Flesh & Light Lantern
II The Velvet Blood Heart & Moth
III The Malachite Flesh Grail, Heart, & Moth
IV The Thunderskin Blood & Flesh Heart
V The Mother of Ants Flesh Knock
VI The Witch-and-Sister Flesh Grail, Moth, & Heart
VII The Colonel Flesh Edge, Winter, & Lantern
VIII The Lionsmith Flesh Edge, Forge & Heart
IX The Elegiast ? Winter
X The Beachcomber Flesh Grail & Knock
XI The Meniscate Light Forge, Knock, & Lantern
XII The Sun-in-Rags Blood & Light Lantern & Winter
XIII The Horned-Axe Stone Knock & Winter
XIV The Madrugad Light Forge, Lantern, & Winter
XV The Red Grail Blood Grail
XVI The Wolf Divided Blood Edge & Winter
XVII The Vagabond Flesh Secret Histories & Moth
XVIII The Sister-and-Witch Flesh Heart, Moth, & Grail
XIX The Flowermaker Light Grail & Lantern
XX The Forge of Days Light Forge & Lantern
XXV The Crowned Growth Nowhere ?
XXVII The Mare-in-the-Tree Nowhere ?
? The Witness Nowhere ?
The Egg Unhatching Stone Lantern
The Flint Stone Flint
The Seven-Coils Stone Knock & Edge
The Tide Stone Grail
The Wheel Stone Heart & Moth
The Sun-in-Splendour Light Lantern
The Applebright Nowhere ?
The Chandler ? ?
The Rising Spider ? ?